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Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Business Insurance, Health/Medical Insurance, Employer Sponsored Group Insurance, Dental Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance & more

At Becker Brokerage Insurance Services LLC all agents are licensed and certified to represent all admitted carriers in the Nation. Quotes and analysis are always complimentary.

Employer Sponsored plans:

Creating and implementing a great Employee Benefits package is essential to attracting the employees you need and want to keep! Many Employers are surprised at the wide array of plans they can offer their employees while keeping their contribution at a comfortable level.

By installing a "POP" (Pre-tax vehicle called a "Premium Only Plan"), an Employer can actually lower his/her payroll and payroll taxes by the total amount of premiums his /her employees run through the plan. For the employees, a POP means an immediate savings of about 30% of their premiums right in their paychecks. This is definitely a WIN-WIN situation for both employer and employee.

Only a Broker with knowledge of all products in the marketplace can help create the perfect package. Most of the time, a complete package consists of products combined of different carriers, not just one, and may include one or more of the following; Group Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Disability, Long Term Care and money saving Tax Solutions such as HSA's, FSA's, POP's, etc.

Individual Needs:

No matter what your situation, everyone truly needs LIFE INSURANCE! We provide custom needs analysis and benefit comparisons to find the perfect type of product for you. Whether it be for protecting your family in the event of death or to provide for your own retirement years, we will help you find the best product at the best price to fit your needs.

We specialize in all kinds of plans from term insurance, Universal life, Whole life to Indexed UL plans that have the potential to earn higher rates of interest than you'll find at any bank with no potential risk of loss from market turbulence. For many, an Indexed UL products are replacing or complementing their old IRA sitting in the bank earning less than 1%, if that.

Life Insurance is an ever changing product. Based on what's happening in the market, the products change, when you find the right plan, be ready to get moving on it. The earlier in life you start, the lower your premiums will be and the higher the probability of your health being at optimum ensuring you the best rates possible. Also, an interest earning policy will have longer to earn and eventually become an income machine for you.

Visit our "Life Insurance for me?" link for more information on Life Insurance, or just call or email us.

Additional Lines:

Ask us about Long term Care, Disability aka Income Protection, Medicare Supplement, and Travel insurance plans and much more.

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