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Life Happens!

No matter your age or whether you are married, have kids, have wealth or just your income, EVERYONE can benefit from having Life Insurance. Just like planning to own a home, to be married one day, to save for your kids college, to retire, everyone needs to plan for their future. In today's life Insurance market there are many different types of policies and/or combinations of policies, guaranteed to fit each and every persons own needs.  

The harsh reality today in America shows that Social Security could be broke by the time it's your turn to collect and many "baby boomers" and a third of "Millennials" are NOT saving for retirement and less than one quarter are planning for the future using Life Insurance as part of their strategy. Statistics show that working longer (by 23%) is the new norm for American workers. 

We consider Life insurance for many solutions. It is always good advice to get started early while your health may be at it's best and the rates based on your younger age. We help people find the right products to "protect" their family and estate in the event of death, but we also help you learn how to use Life insurance products to "provide" for your later years and retirement too!

If you don’t know much about life insurance, you may think its sole ability is to protect your loved ones. While the primary purpose of life insurance is the protection offered by the death benefit, there are other benefits to owning a well-funded permanent life insurance policy. By taking advantage of its versatile and flexible features, you can:

  • Provide loved ones with a tax-free death benefit
  • Grow cash value through tax-deferred accumulation
  • Create easy access to cash value
  • Supplement your retirement income
  • Retain control over your money
  • Give yourself peace of mind
  • Build an instant estate
  • Protect yourself from creditors
  • Have a cash source for a potential terminal illness

Those who wait, think they don't need life insurance because they don't have a family yet are making a huge mistake, especially in today's market, and given the state of the American economy and a questionable Social Security system, we must look to other more modern ways of funding our future and caring for our families. 

Folks who used to live off of Social Security and interest earned from investments are no longer able to live the way they thought they would when they retired. Many lost some, most or even all of their 401K and IRA money during this last recession never to recoup it. At a time when health may begin to fail, when you feel you've put in your time...there simply isn't the same economy churning out income from savings, CD's, etc. 

Contact us to find out what you can get started with. Knowledge is power! You are never under any obligation to buy a thing in exchange for the information we can provide you with.

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